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Why do I need to setup my own practice?

We help you setup your own practice to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)/Tax ID Number (TIN).  The EIN is used to get you credentialed with the insurance companies.

Do you help with the EIN application and business setup?

Yes! Our turn-key process helps you along every step of the way and does most of the work for you.

If I already have an EIN can I use that?

We look at this on a case by case basis as to whether or not your EIN can be used. This depends on how your existing company is setup, where its setup and other factors.

Do I need an EIN for every state I’m licensed in?

No, you only need one EIN which is usually based on your state of residency.

Are reimbursement rates different for NPP (non-physician practitioners) versus MD/DO?

Medicare pays 85% of the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) if the service is provided by an Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Physician Assistant (PA).

How much can I expect to earn per patient?

We use the Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) as provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to determine the average reimbursement rate on a national level. For example, the 2021 non-facility limiting charge for 99213 is $101.02.  (Click here to learn more on the CMS site.)


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